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Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Eau de Parfum

Her, Him

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Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Eau de Parfum is a refreshing and invigorating fragrance that was launched in 2014 as part of the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection. It is a creation of the master perfumer Yann Vasnier and is inspired by the rugged beauty of the Mediterranean coast.

The fragrance opens with top notes of seaweed, driftwood, and agarwood, which provide a fresh and woody scent. The heart notes include myrtle, lavender, and lemon, which add a citrusy and herbal touch to the fragrance. Finally, the base notes of ambergris, labdanum, and vanilla give the fragrance a warm and sensual aroma.

Tom Ford is a brand that is known for its luxury and sophistication, and the Costa Azzurra Eau de Parfum is no exception. It is a high-quality fragrance that is crafted using only the finest ingredients, making it long-lasting and perfect for any occasion.

If you're looking for a fragrance that is both refreshing and sophisticated, then Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Eau de Parfum is an excellent choice. It's a scent that is sure to transport you to the Mediterranean coast, and it's perfect for anyone who wants to feel confident and stylish. So, whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just want to feel a little more luxurious in your everyday life, this fragrance is definitely worth trying.

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